Hey I’m Sofia!

I love traveling, learning languages, watching movies or soccer and for now I am a post-grad with a lot of time on my hands…

My whole life, I’ve lived between two cultures: the US where I’ve grown up and gone to school in and Uruguay where all of my family lives. Most people know about where I grew up but when it comes to where I’m from, they haven’t got the first clue.

My parents always showed me that through movies, I could get to know other parts of the country and the world. I remember when I was 8 years old and they sat me down to watch The Motorcycle Diaries and I immediately fell in love with all of the other Latin American countries I had never seen on screen before… as well as Gael Garcia Bernal.

Since then, I have learned so much about Latin America, not so much through books and articles, but my first love movies. Through high school, I would stay up late to watch Y Tu Mama Tambien or Strawberries and Chocolate and when I got to college, I chose to study Latin American studies and film. (Extremely lucrative choices, I know).

But now that I’ve graduated, I find myself still unfulfilled with what I have learned, so I have decided to create my own curriculum to traverse Latin American.

A New Challenge: Take on the Pillars of Latin American Cinema

Now that I have gone through 2 or 3 major films from each country, I want to look at what historians have deemed to be the most important and best films made in Latin America. I have compiled this list from a few major Latin American film historians in the hopes of better understanding not just the history but the greats of Latin American film.

For this challenge I also have a few groundrules.

  1. I can’t include any movies I’ve already seen. That means unfortunately movies like Water for Chocolate or City of God are going out with the bathwater.
  2. I am going in chronological order so be patient with the old fashioned movies at the beginning
  3. There will be one analysis (and translation) a week

It’s going to be a big undertaking but I’m ready for the challenge. If anybody has any suggestions or actually ends up reading this blog, I’d be happy to hear it. Hopefully by the time I finish this, I will have learned a lot about Latin America and connected with new people!


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